Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Kiekens’ industrial vacuum cleaners offer durability, high performance levels and versatility.

Kiekens Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty industrial vacuum cleaners are very robust, compact cleaners with large suction capacity through a powerful by-pass, single or three phase motor. The heavy duty cleaners have integrated easy emptying preseparators, large fixed filter bags with a capacity of 30 to 105 litres.

Kiekens Stavac

The Kiekens Stavac 2200 stationary dust extractor is suitable for extracting dust, chips and shavings directly at the source in production processes and production machines. The Stavac’s sophisticated filter construction makes it highly suitable for extracting voluminous material.

Kiekens KE2318 achter

The KE1000 (single phase) and KE2000 (three phase) are of modular construction which allows adaptation to suit customers’ special needs. Both of these units, from Kiekens’ whisper quiet range,were developed to meet the demand for improved working place conditions. The KE2000 can be used in dangerous environments such as explosive dusts and flammable materials.

Kiekens Giant

Kiekens’ reliable KG series of industrial vacuum cleaners are highly suitable for vacuuming large quantities of heavy dust or as multi-point “plug-and-play” vacuum units in a central vacuum system.